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Sydney Keane Series



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Laryl Dixon was born in East Texas and has lived most of her life in Houston, Texas. She married young and gave birth to a beautiful son. While her marriage didn't fare well, the goals she set for herself did.

She went on to own a successful company in Houston before pursuing her passion as an author. Laryl's long-time passion for writing has been fueled by life experiences, the dark, the mysterious, and the ugly. It has also enabled her to share her message regarding abuse.  

Laryl continues to live in Houston and frequents her family's homestead in East Texas. She shares her life with her partner of many years and spends much time with her family. Her adult son is a successful musician, also residing in Texas.

It is Laryl's wish that you read her series and enjoy the "bad guys" getting their due, while also remaining fully aware that these issues are real and WE HAVE A VOICE.