Laryl Dixon

Sydney Keane Series


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Sydney Keane Series: The Beginning

Sydney’s life seemed placed in a storybook setting in East Texas: a beautiful mother, ruggedly handsome father, picturesque home, and good family name. But bad choices are soon made leaving Sydney vulnerable to the people around her and to the terrible things that can happen in this world.

Sydney’s teen years are marked by the reckless decisions that so often plague young victims of abuse, and she enters adulthood determined to leave her difficult past behind. But when a shocking revelation brings her old nightmares front and center, Sydney learns that buried secrets have a life of their own.

As she fights within the arenas of courtroom and family, Sydney discovers a hunger for justice deep within. As she struggles against the darkness she has uncovered, she clings tightly to her faith…and to the hope and promise that were always her destiny.

The first in a series, keep·er takes the reader on a harrowing journey as Sydney struggles to “right the wrongs” of the injustice and abuse she finds woven in the fabric of her family and society.

More than simply a novel, the book closes with a message from the author offering invaluable resources for anyone who has suffered or witnessed childhood abuse.

The second installment of the Sydney Keane Series will be available the summer of 2017.