Laryl Dixon

Sydney Keane Series


Today, I had the pleasure of meeting "Anna," a remarkable woman put on a path she did not choose.  I drove downtown to meet her, and to share some uplifting news that would surely help her during this very dark time.  Anna...a woman with five children, her own mother and father gone, now standing strong on her own as the judicial stage is being set for the justice her precious daughter, Angel, deserves.  On my way to meet Anna, I prayed.  I prayed for God's anointment over Angel and I felt such a peace come over me, along with the knowing that we are not meant to just survive such atrocities.  We are not meant to only manage to be okay...move through day-to-day with a piece of our lives, and part of what makes us who we are, gone.  We are meant to be fill that space with light and love and wear our crowns.  We are meant to be STRONG.  We are meant to come together as one and have A VOICE, not only for ourselves and for our children, but for their children and their children's children.  THIS IS OUR WORLD.  We occupy it and we leave it.  How we leave it is up to us.  

#stopchildsexualabuse #justiceforourchildren #timeforchange #leavetheworldabetterplace #makeyourmarkoflove